Milling head debarking units

For fully automated debarking and butt-end reduction of hard wood and pine wood.


A quick look at the benefits of the unit:
  • The system can be combined with a butt-end reduction unit
  • Free-standing milling path with milling slides and integral milling head is assembled parallel to the butt-end reduction unit, creating a space-saving design
  • Milling shaft with 18 kW drive power
  • Reduction shaft with15 kW or 22 kW drive powe
  • All units with patented safety cutter shaft
  • For all trunks from a length of 2 meters
  • Trunk diameters: 20 - 120 cm
  • Fully automated operation of the reduction and milling processes through  PLC control
  • Operation of the butt-end reduction unit and milling head debarking unit using just one remote control unit
  • Control of the milling cover and conveying speed possible via remote control during the debarking process as well
  • Reduction shaft and milling shaft reduce and debark in one operation
  • Drag- chain conveyor for chip evacuation
  • Safety device, CE-approval including conformity declaration
  • Mobile version - installation of the unit on a truck or trailer



Continuous milling head debarking machine with butt-end reducer and chopsaw

The throughput milling head debarking unit has been designed, so it can be integrated into an overall system. A robust, compact Stoiber new development with intelligent control technology.

Work flow:

Tree trunks are taken over from the sawmill mechanization. While the milling head debarked the stem, root approach is simultaneously milled from the butt-end reducer. Then the strain is transported with the longitudinal conveyor into the optimal cutting position and is cut at both ends as needed with the chopsaw to the desired lenght. Then the fully machined tree trunk is transferred by the milling head debarking unit to a following machine (for example a band saw).

All steps are fully automated and they can be controlled from the control stand with video surveillance. All Stoiber debarking machines are equipped with remote control. Therefore at any time a manual intervention in the automatic process is possible.


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