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... new to our range: pallet nailing machine for custom pallets

With manual nail gun or automatic nailing bridge. Includes touch panel for inputting the desired pallet size, with automatically adjustable angle brackets and printer interface for label printing.

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First export sale to Hungary

 One of our milling head debarkers has been at work in the municipality of Mór in Hungary since August 2013.



Sawmill operators recognize our quality and service - more than 50 reduction / debarking units already delivered

One milling head debarking unit went into operation in Waldviertel region in November 2012.
In December the 51st unit, also a milling head version, was supplied to Chiemgau in Upper Bavaria.

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Latest development: feeding device for pallet nailing machine

 The logs are transferred from the cross-cut saw to a buffer conveyor belt, positioned by a longitudinal stopper and inserted into the nailing machine.
To find out more about cut wood mechanization, please click on:

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Research project: sheet loader 4020

  Technical High School research graduates have been working for a year on a fully automated charger and discharger appliance for the existing laser-cutting unit: the custom-built design supplies the laser-cutting machine with new sheets and then dispatches the ready- cut components. The laser cutter can be operated without any operator intervention.

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Ing. Reinhold Stoiber with the project team: Ulrich Mahringer, Georg Paster, Philipp Winkler, Stefan Roth, Andreas Radler und Manuel Stoiber


Compactor containers - NEW GENERATION

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The compactor container has been technically upgraded and visually improved following specifications from the Pöttinger organisation.


New development: stacking robot for pallets and semi-finished pallet goods

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Our contribution to climate protection ...

We no longer have oil heating - we burn woodchips supplied by local farmers instead. Our solar panel wall supplies process water for the paint shop and supports the heating system.
Peak-time electricity is catered for using our 19.8 kWp photovoltaic unit, especially in the middle of the day.



We have updated our machinery installations and invested in a laser cutter with tube-cutting device

Max. sheet size: 4000 x 2000 mm, max. tube diameter: 370 mm
All common sheet formats are accommodated in the automated sheet storage shelving -
further information on request.

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Machinery built to customer requirements

 15 meter long hydraulic measurement table - for cutting structural steel to length

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 Delivery of 2 wood stress simulators on October 13 2010 for the Agricultural Colleges of Schlägl and Altmünster

Processing damaged wood after a storm calls for care and technical expertise. A stress simulator (tree bending simulator) highlights the frequently underestimated risks and is used by tree-felling operators.

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Regional special guests v. l.: Regional deputy Georg Ecker, Regional deputy Patricia Reisinger, Ing. Reinhold Stoiber (Stoiber GmbH), 
Mag. Markus Rubasch (Stift Schlägl), Agricultural secretary Max Hiegelsberger, State inspector Ing. Johann Plakolm


 New development: fully automated general purpose  stacking unit

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