Wood stress simulators from Stoiber GmbH

The processing of damaged wood after a storm calls for precaution and technical expertise. A stress simulator (tree bending simulator) highlights frequently underestimated risks and is used by woodworkers.

With PEFC certification, many forest operations are committed to high standards of worker safety. Various cutting techniques – in particular of trees that are under stress – can be efficiently and practically performed using the stress simulator.

Technical Information:

  • Compact, sturdy construction as a vehicle trailer with overrun brakes
  • All components are galvanized and quenched or galvanized and painted for visibility reasons
  • Dimensions: L x W x H = 4175 x 2000 x 2150 mm
  • The stress simulator is unfolded, supported and immediately ready to operate.
  • Operating width unfolded: 3750 mm
  • Weight: 980 kg
  • Maximum operating load: 400 kg
  • Trees with a minimum length of 2.8 m and a max. diameter of 27 cm can be cut.
  • Hydraulic operation is performed via a manual lever valve.
  • The bending simulator is energy-independent – i.e. no connection to a power source required.
  • Equipped with a toolbox for small parts, wedges, etc.
  • Maximum load when being transported: loading up to 170 kg

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