Log conveyor systems from Stoiber GmbH

ensure a smooth operation.

A quick look at the benefits of the unit:

  • High operational reliability due to separation by star wheel
  • Vibration dampers ensure gentle conveyance of the logs
  • Cover or guide plates prevent individual logs from falling off
  • Compact, sturdy design
  • The system can be combined with a butt-end reducer or milling head debarking machine

Answers to the following questions are important for us:

  • What log lengths will you be processing?
  • Which number of cords is useful?
  • What are the spatial conditions and how long can the buffer section be?
  • Should the system be designed in one or two stages due to the conveyor height?
  • Should the logs be automatically reduced or debarked after infeed?
  • Are the logs fed directly to the saw gate or are longitudinal conveyors needed in between?

We determine the dimensions and the necessary technical equipment of the log conveyor system based on the answers to these questions.

We look forward to your inquiry