Press releases

Robot for special pallets

September 2023 - Manufacturing cell for pallets and box parts

The SME stacking machine

November 2022 – Stacking sawn timber of various dimensions

Pallet machine for special pallets

September 2020 - StoNail 3000

Sawmill technology with success story

February 2019

Pallet nailing machines at a high level: Made in Austria

October 2017

Sawmill technology for SMEs

August 2016 - With new facilities to stable operating procedures

Nailing machine for pallets and skids manufacturing

April 2016 - Two different pallets produced simultaneously

New nailing machine in the program

February 2015

Debarking for SMEs

January 2013 - Anniversary celebrating the installation of 50th unit

Sheet loader - Students build robots for laser cutting machine

June 2012 - Showpiece thesis of the Advanced Technical College (HTL) Neufelden with Stoiber GmbH

Wood stacking made easy

January 2012 - Control for an innovative board stacking machine has been developed

Cutting more than doubled

January 2011 - Log infeed with integrated reducer.

Stacks with a gap in between

November 2010 - General purpose stacking machine with paternoster system