StoCut - Tube saw from Stoiber GmbH

For cutting and chamfering of plastic pipes to the required length.

Benefits include:

  • Cutting and chamfering of the plastic tubes to the required length with a machine
  • For tube diameter of 32 to 1200 mm
  • Variable speed control of the saw blade and tube rotation
  • Cutting line laser and mechanically adjustable longitudinal stop
  • Chip extraction

Work flow:

Depending on the tube diameter, the support rollers are set to the right position. Subsequently, the tube is placed on the machine and positioned with the aid of the longitudinal stop and the cutting line laser. The drive unit slowly approaches the tube with a distance sensor, clamps it and starts the tube rotation. Depending on the tube diameter or tube wall thickness, the operator decides how far the saw rocker is raised and how far the saw blade should be immersed in the tube. After cutting to the required length, the tube can be chamfered with the built-in milling cutter.

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