StoStack 5000 - Layer stacking

Lined sawn timber is continuously taken over by the StoStack 5000 stacking machine and collected on the machine to form a layer. The completed layer is then placed on the stack while the next layer is being formed.

A quick look at the benefits of the unit:

  • Fully automatic, flush stacking
  • Fast, continuous process
  • Precise positioning and rapid movement sequences
  • Easy operation via a touch screen
  • Sturdy construction
  • No pneumatics or hydraulics, ensuring unrestricted operation even at sub-zero temperatures
  • Data from the sawn timber measuring is then made available for invoicing purposes


  • Board ejector for variable board widths and airspace (optimal for drying)
  • Alignment rollers for longitudinal alignment of sawn timber
  • Ejector for ejecting faulty boards
  • Electrically actuated sliding side stands
  • Mobile machine frame: Can be used universally in different working positions by moving the machine on the rails or with the forklift

Technical specifications:

  • Flexible stacking width: up to 1200 mm
  • Stacking height: up to 1200 mm
  • Board length: from 1500 mm
  • Board/post width: 50 – 300 mm
  • Board/post height: 15 – 120 mm
  • Maximum board/post weight: 75 kg
  • Maximum layer weight: 500 kg
  • Number of cycles: up to 25 pieces per minute

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