Special machines from Stoiber GmbH

We manufacture complex machines according to your expectations and needs. Please contact our experienced engineers to find the best solution in close collaboration.

Grading bucket

The excavator bucket for recultivation was designed and manufactured according to the specifications of our customer Baggertech Krenn GmbH.

Sheet storage shelving:

Each delivered stack of sheets is stored on its own pallet in the sheet metal storage with indication of the sheet metal dimension, material quality and material certificate. We can assign each laser cut to the material certificate according to EN 1090.


Sheet manipulator:

The sheet manipulator Sheet Loader 4020 was developed in collaboration with students of the Advanced Technical College (HTL) Neufelden. The system enables the fully automatic loading and unloading of the laser cutting machine and the sorting of large components. The machine takes sheets from the sheet storage and places them on the table of the laser cutting machine. The cut sheets can then be returned to the storage by the Sheet Loader. The entire system communicates with both the laser cutting machine and the sheet storage, thereby enabling a fully automated operation of the laser cutting machine.

Hydraulic measuring table:

The 15 meter long machine was designed according to the requirements of the customer and is used for measuring and cutting of structural steel to the required length.

Coil turner:

With the coil turner heavy steel coils up to 2.5 tons are turned by 180°.


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