StoMill 1000 – Butt-end reducer

For fully automated milling and reduction of rootstocks.

A quick look at the benefits of the unit:

  • Low operating costs with the same reduction output, thanks to extremely low drive power of 15 kW
  • Option: Reduction shaft with 22 kW drive power
  • Low electricity consumption and, notably, hardly any expensive peak period current
  • All units with patented safety cutter shaft
  • Fully automated operation of the reduction process
  • Remote control unit with two programs and control of blank holder and ejection unit
  • The log can be reset multiple times and fully debarked if needed
  • Supplied with automatic resetting device, if requested
  • Carrier plates for rotating the log with wide, non-slip contact surface including lateral protective covering
  • Long-life carrier plate drive
  • Handy chips box
  • As the chips are very short, they can be immediately burned in the woodchip heating unit
  • All units supplied with control cabinet and oil tank heating, thereby providing unrestricted operation even at sub-zero temperatures.
  • Safety device, CE approval with declaration of conformity

Answers to the following questions are important for us:

  • What log lengths will you be processing?
  • Do you wish to reset the log or debark it as well with the reduction unit?
  • What appliance will you be using (grapple, forklift, etc.) to place the logs on the reduction unit?
  • Should the logs be automatically ejected after the reduction process?
  • How will the installation be set up in order to achieve the optimum working process?
  • How high should the installation be?
  • Would a conveyor for removing the bark be an advantage?
  • Will an automatic log feed be required for resetting?
  • Should the logs be automatically transferred onto another machine?

We determine the optimal position of the reduction shaft, the length of the machine and the equipment that is technically required based on the answers to these questions. Our modular design system enables precise adaptation of the butt-end reducer to the requirements of your particular application.

We look forward to your inquiry