StoNail 1000 - Nail table

For the manual production of pallets and box walls of varying formats. The size of the machine can be chosen flexibly. The nail table was designed to allow the manufacturing of as many different wood products as possible while keeping changeover times at a minimum.

Nail table without nailing bridge:

  • Robust frame construction with an inclination angle of 70° for ergonomic operation
  • Machine length: approx. 6500 mm
  • Working area (LxH):
    • 1 pc. pallet: max. 4000 x 1700 mm or
    • 2 pcs. pallets: max. 1600 x 1700 mm
    • Option: Extension of the machine frame by 2000 mm or to the requirements of the customer
  • Modular pallet stop system to insert the loose woods and blocks:
    • Parallel adjustable double-C rails
    • Manually movable stops for lower woods, transverse and deck boards
    • Rivet plates can be used at all positions
    • Skids prefabrication
  • Balancer for weight-neutral handling of the nail guns

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