Latest news from Stoiber GmbH

January 2024: Julius Award

The Upper Austrian Wirtschaftsbund honors selected quality companies with the Julius Award. Many thanks for the award. We are very pleased about the recognition of our achievements.

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November 2023: Trip to Rostock

Rostock’s fire brigade colleagues trust on the excellent quality of Stoiber Maschinenbau. After training on the wood stress simulator, they head to the far north.

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October 2023: Hofer Paul at the federal apprenticeship competition

For the first time in the company’s history, an apprentice took part in the apprenticeship competition and achieved third place at the national level in the field of steel construction and welding technology. Our apprenticeship training is top! We congratulate Paul on his great achievement!

March 2023: Firefighter friendly company

We are delighted that we have been awarded with the large Florian Medal of Honor in bronze. Of our 38 employees, 16 are committed in various fire brigades. All employees have flexitime and can leave the workplace immediately in the event of an emergency. That’s why volunteering in the fire brigade and working in the company can be easily combined.

February 2023: StoStack 5000 demonstration machine

Would you like to test the StoStack 5000 stacking system in your sawmill? Make an appointment and we will bring the machine to your plant for a few days…

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August 2022: All-In-One Layer stacking

Cutting, stacking and strip placement…
With the new StoStack 7000, all of this can be done automatically in one operation for the perfect stack of sawn timber.

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June 2022: Day of Sports - Movement for Wudschi

The financing of the Hoss wheelchair could be secured with the help of numerous sponsors and visitors – congratulations to the organizers from the Arnreit sports club. We contributed €1,500.00 and wish Wolfgang Neumüller a lot of joy with the newly gained mobility.

February 2022: Wood stress simulator

For the fire brigade in the Oberpfalz – the red painted tree bending simulator.

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January 2022: Pallet nailing machine with robot destacking

Pallet production is now that easy: The StoNail 5000 nails the pallets – the robot takes care of removing and stacking the ready produced pallets.

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December 2021: We're moving ...

Our office building is not quite finished yet, but we will welcome you in the new building in January. Until then, we wish you happy holidays and all the best.


November 2021: Gantry nailing machine StoNail 5000

The new pallet nailing machine ensures for more flexibility in pallet production in the Swiss canton of Valais.

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June 2021: U15 soccer team in a new look

The game community Altenfelden/Arnreit/Neufelden is looking forward to new kits, donated by WWS Wasserkraft and Stoiber Maschinenbau.


May 2021: StoStack 5000 demonstration machine

Now you can test this stacking machine in your sawmill. Make an appointment and the machine comes for a few days to you and helps you stacking the boards.

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December 2020: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

A customer from Vorarlberg has given himself a StoNail 3000 pallet nailing machine.

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September 2020: Report in the Holzkurier

Pallet machine for special pallets

In order to increase the number of items in special pallet construction, Steinwendner Holz decided on a StoNail 3000 from Stoiber Maschinenbau.

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April 2020: Slewing pillar crane with 360° swing radius

A successful co-operational project between the companies MT-CRANES GmbH and Stoiber GmbH: Two cranes of the type AXTOR-SDK are handed over to Reinhold Stoiber by the managing directors Thomas Stöbich and Martin Beissmann. The cranes were developed and assembled with modular construction by MT-CRANES GmbH. All steel components were manufactured and painted by Stoiber.

StoStamp 1000

March 2020: Branding iron machine

The machine is used for marking of pallet timber with a branding iron.

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