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Apprentice training:

As an apprentice at the company Stoiber GmbH you will experience that the “serious side of life” can give great joy. In our company, new machines are continuously developed, constructed and manufactured in cooperation with the customers. We also produce welded assemblies, laser cuttings and squared timber parts for various long-term customers.

We attach great importance to a high quality and modern machinery and equipment. Due to our high production capacity, the apprenticeship is very diversified, interesting but also challenging. After having completed your training with us, you will have all the knowledge, skills and capabilities that you need for your job.

Karriere bei Stoiber GmbH
Karriere bei Stoiber GmbH

We want employees to be happy in their work and able to reconcile work with private life. Therefore, flexible work schedules and flextime are a matter of course for all employees.

We currently employ more than 30 employees.


We look forward to receiving your application for the MECHANICAL ENGINEERING APPRENTICESHIP.