StoNail 5000 R - Gantry nailing machine with rotary table & robot stacking

This nailing machine is suitable for the production of special pallets and box parts, which are automatically removed by robot and stacked normally or nested.

Nailing bridge with rotary table:

  • Robust frame construction with an inclination angle of 65° for ergonomic operation
  • Machine length: approx. 7000 mm
  • Rotary table with 2 working areas:
    • Working area per side (L x H): 3000 – 1700 mm
    • Planking of the rotary table with plywood boards for own templates
    • Option: Clamping bracket when using own templates
    • Option: Modular pallet clamping system to insert the loose woods and blocks:
  • Frequency controlled nailing bridge:
    • Up to three independently controlled nailing pairs for complex nail patterns
    • Holds up to 6 nail guns
    • Coverage of the entire working area with the nail guns
    • Collision monitoring: The retraction of the actuating cylinder is constantly monitored
  • Nail guns:
    • Industry nail heads or handsets
    • Nail length max.: 130 mm
    • Nail guns equipped with Maxi-coil magazines for up to 1000 nails
    • Nailer shoes for impact depth limitation
    • Option: Staplers, drilling heads


  • Type: Kuka KR210 R3100-2 (alternative: similar make or refurbished robot possible)
  • Gripper with clamping jaws for pallet removal and stacking
  • Product weight max: 80 kg
  • Stacking height max: 2800 mm
  • Normal and nested stacking
  • Option: Retrofitting the robot at a later date

Buffer conveyor belt (optional):

  • For buffering multiple pallet stacks
  • Fully closed by robust plastic link belt


Simple, intuitive programming on the 12-inch touch panel directly on the machine. With the parameters entered, the pallets or box parts are completely recorded or visualized. The programming of the removal and stacking by means of robots is also carried out directly on the touch panel – no robot knowledge is required on the part of the customer.

Siemens PLC control with control panel:

  • Touch panel for the operation of the machine
  • Pallets programming directly on the control panel
  • Storing the created pallets programs
  • Pallet counter
  • Nail counter: The machine stops when the nails have been used up
  • Internet connection for remote maintenance
  • The operating language is available in German and English
  • Option: Board width measurement by decreasing board widths

Safety equipment:

  • Security fencing around the entire system incl. access monitoring
  • Emergency stop button on the outside of the machine and on the control panel
  • Safety laser scanner for securing the rotary table
  • Safety light barrier during stack removal

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